Yochana Infotech

The partner for all your consulting and staffing needs.

Yochana Infotech Inc. specializes in creating custom-matched connections between professionals and companies in temporary, contract-to-hire, direct hire and retained positions. We provide consulting expertise along with staffing & industry-specific solutions for hiring with confidence.


What Makes Us Different

In a world where business is spelled in $ signs and customers and suppliers are seen simply as means to a financial end, we strive to put relationships first. A relationship of trust, integrity and mutual benefit marks our interactions with both customers and suppliers.

We diligently seek to provide feasible and yet cost effective support to our customers by providing support for project management needs. In addition we also specialize in fulfilling staffing needs by matching your needs with appropriately skilled individuals who in turn find complete fulfillment in their work. Thus we serve as a pipeline in connecting people together. A win-win for all!

Our Mission

We are committed to providing expert project consulting to our customers. In addition, we also specialize in connecting great companies with great employees by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and human resource services. Success for our customers is reached by empowering them to focus on what they do best.

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Project Consulting


Projects and deadlines - that’s the world we live in! In order to be successful, every organization needs to ensure projects are completed within deadlines. Often this requires companies to look beyond their existing resources. That’s where Yochana can be an asset. We have a large pool of professionals from which we can offer various types of project management resources - ranging from short term to long term support! And that at an affordable cost. Our professionals deliver the results you are looking for! Feel free to check us out and get in touch!



In a world of rapid automation where machines perform tasks that was unimaginable in the past, there still exists a real need for Human Resources. And this is where we come in! We thoroughly review the the HR needs of our customers and then match them with professionals who can fulfill that need. This eventually ends in companies wanting to retain the individual who also wants to be in that job. A perfect match! This is what specialize in!

The door to success is waiting to be opened. Let us unlock it together.